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Robert has served as a piano accompanist for over 25 years in the United States and England. Robert was hired as the primary pianist and accompanist for the local USAF Base Chapel in England, accompanying weekly Gospel and Protestant Services in addition to Catholic Mass. These initial five years of accompanying choirs, leading congregational worship music, and playing weekly for a wide range of services allowed Robert to develop many skills essential to becoming attuned to the various and unique demands of an accompanist.

Robert has extensive experience accompanying 

elementary, high school, and collegiate-level vocalists and choirs, assisting with audition preparations, choral rehearsals, and performances. 

In addition to accompanying choral ensembles, Robert has experience accompanying instrumentalists and ensembles for recitals and concert programs, as well as serving as the music director for numerous school, community, and collegiate-level musical theater and operatic productions over the years in Iowa and Virginia. As an educator, Robert has directed over 40 large-scale music events, including musical theatre productions, concerts, and recitals.


Robert has many years of experience as a performing pianist for weddings, funerals, celebrations, conferences, dinners, and special events. 

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