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In-Home Piano Lessons

I teach private 
Piano, Voice 
Brass Lessons!


My lessons are geared for kids of all ages!

Student Benefits:

  1. All my students feel like rock stars! I make sure each lesson is both fun and enriching.

  2. I provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels,
    and performances.

  3. I use a variety of music curricula and a song-based teaching system so my students are learning songs they love while also receiving the academic benefits of music.

  4. My students gain the unique and uncommon benefit of my pedagogy based on years of certified teaching experience in music classrooms and directing band and choir programs.

  5. Music lessons have other great benefits like: better grades, higher self esteem, more confidence, good social skills...and more!

  6. I’ve seen the benefits of music proven over and over and I know that I’m teaching so much more than music.

  7. I have a high success rate because I work with students that are truly excited about music!

Robert now serves as a part of the full-time music faculty and administrative staff member at The Catoctin School of Music, operating a studio on-site at one of 
Northern Virginia's premiere private music lessons schools.



Our family wishes to say a heartfelt "thank you" to you for your years of instructing our son. He has progressed so far under your piano tutelage and is thrilled to explore the organ. He loves playing his favorite songs, including the themes to Star Wars and Indiana Jones! 
He looks forward to continuing his studies with you!


Mr. Fisher - Thank you for teaching me music these past four years.
I couldn't ask for a better music teacher than you!
Thanks for encouraging me to build confidence and find my voice. I can't wait to see what we will learn next!


Thanks for being such a great music teacher! We really have learned a lot this year.
I am looking forward to exploring music composition with you this next year!

Lessons Rates & Studio Policies: 

Please visit the CSM homepage link below to learn more about how to enroll in private music lessons with Robert, CSM's studio policies, procedures and rates.