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Grit is GREATER than Perfection!

Every so often I encounter a student who hits a wall in lessons or becomes frustrated with not performing their music "perfectly." Perfection is a noble goal and is the ultimate end goal, but it is elusive! Even the "greatest" in music have spent their lives searching for it. Ultimately, perfection can only be found up above in heavenly realms. We are blessed, however, with the gift of grit. Yes, grit is a gift! Hard work, determination, and steady, consistent progress through challenge is what yields the greatest growth I know of in musicians.

As with many other skilled studies in life, joy and satisfaction in music is about coming to terms with imperfection, working through trials and mistakes, and overcoming adversity. I often see greater reward and passion in folks who develop grit as opposed to those who roll out of bed with talent. Grit is something you develop and bring along with you throughout your entire journey. So, yes, most folks that care about music should aim to play/sing as well as they can ...but nothing is more beautiful than seeing a student overcome obstacles in progress using grit.

So, if you're hitting a wall in your progress and beating yourself up because your music isn't perfect, take a moment to reflect on your goals and progress. Dust off the mistakes. Focus on making small improvements, recover your music and take joy in the process by getting back up on your musical journey. Be in it for the long-haul! Remember GRIT is greater than perfection!

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